As the movers unload the last few boxes, you breathe a sigh of relief and sign the final paperwork.

The crew drives away, and you're faced with an additional task—unpacking.

You start to wonder, How did I end up with so many boxes?

Going through each box can seem like a daunting task, so here are some great ways to maintain your sanity as you unpack:

1. FIRST THINGS FIRST – Decide on a strategy and stick with it. Prioritize each room to give yourself (and any helpers) some direction. You’ll boost productivity, conserve your energy, and calm any nerves when you have a strategy.

2. TACKLE BIGGER ITEMS – Plan to set up bigger items first. Furniture and major appliances have the least amount of options to go in a home, so finding them a space is priority. Once you figure out the basic layout of your new home, unpacking the smaller stuff will be much easier.

3. GET STARTED – Don’t put off unpacking your belongings. You probably won’t have more energy or motivation after sifting through boxes in your new home for a few days. Knowing you’ve at least started to unpack will ease some anxiety.

4. FINISH ONE ROOM– Decide on one room as your biggest priority and unpack that room as soon as possible. Once you have one room under your belt, you’ll feel accomplished. And you can always retreat to that safe haven when you need to get away from all the boxes.

5. CLEAN AS YOU GO – The last thing you need as you unpack is more clutter. Disassemble the boxes as you go and place them in a pile to donate, recycle, or sell back. Getting the boxes out of the way will allow you to see the progress you’re making. (And yes, you are making progress. Keep going!)

6. SET A GOAL – Don’t leave a couple boxes in the garage or closet to “get to later.” Let’s be honest—you’re probably not going to. Set a realistic deadline to have all your boxes unpacked. Knowing that you’re working towards a finishing date will help keep your spirits high and your anxiety at bay.

7. MAKE IT FUN – Listen to your favorite music or call up a friend while you tackle this challenge. Or maybe you have some really great friends who want to come over and help. You’ll likely be at this for a while, so you may as well make it a positive experience.

8. PACE YOURSELF (OR DON'T) – We generally recommend you accept that unpacking is part of the exciting process of new beginnings, so it's best to work towards your finishing date at a steady pace to prevent burning out. But if staying up for three nights to set up your home is more your thing, by all means—go for it! (And yes, we’ve met a few people this determined!) Work at a pace that works best for you.

9.  CONSIDER PLAN B – Schick Moving & Storage offers unpacking services. We are only a phone call away. If you start to get overwhelmed, give us a ring.

However tall your stacks of boxes, be sure to enjoy the process of this journey. Here’s to happy, stress-free unpacking!