In addition to the way each piece sparkles and shines, jewelry is precious because of the people and memories behind each treasure. When packing your jewelry, make sure you take essential precautions to safely transport these valuable items to your new home.

The good news is you can pack your jewelry box with everything in it. Here’s how:

1.  Wrap any items you want to keep with you during the move in tissue paper and store in a safe place.

2.  Next wrap any fragile jewelry in tissue paper and return to the jewelry box.

3.  Carefully stuff tissue paper in all the empty spaces of the jewelry box to ensure that no movement will occur during transportation.

4.  If you have necklaces hanging on hooks inside your jewelry box, you can keep them there. Simply stuff tissue paper over the hooks, and then fill all the empty spaces in the compartment with tissue.

5.  Finally, wrap your jewelry boxes for the move.

      a.  Small jewelry boxes can be wrapped in newsprint paper as if you’re wrapping a gift. Label and place in a box with other belongings.

      b.  Wrap larger jewelry boxes in brown paper and secure with packing tape. These jewelry boxes should be treated as furniture, so wrap them in a moving blanket for extra protection.

And there you have it! Simple yet vital tips for packing your prized jewelry.

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