2 Month Moving Checklist

You’re moving in 2 months. That’s about 8 weeks away, so you have plenty of time to procrastinate, right?

Not exactly.

If you’re looking for a smooth move, there are 9 things you should check off your list 2 months before moving day:

1. GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE by calling or filling out an online form. Our representatives will come to your home and provide a detailed evaluation of costs to move your items.

2. SCHEDULE DATES with your moving company. Planning two months in advance gives you the edge to book your preferred moving dates.

3. ARRANGE PACKING SERVICES, or start buying moving boxes. However you plan on packing, it’s best to prepare now.

4. SPRING CLEAN (even in winter). Go through all your household items and donate or sell anything you don’t plan on bringing with you.

5. HOST A MOVING SALE, or start selling expensive items on eBay. Why not make a little cash for your “junk”?

6. START PACKING less frequently used items such as out-of-season clothes and shelves in the garage. The closer you get to your move date, the more you'll want to focus your attention on other details.

7. TELL FAMILY AND FRIENDS YOU’RE MOVING. Send a mass email or moving announcement with your new address.

8. PLAN MEALS AROUND PANTRY FOOD. Finish off as much cupboard cuisine as possible so you won’t have to pack it up and pay for it to be shipped.

9. BOOK AIRFARE NOW. Flights will be more affordable when purchased two months in advance.

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