You’re five weeks away from your scheduled moving date, and there’s plenty to do! Get started on these 5 tasks right away.

1.  Make a list of everyone you need to notify regarding your move: friends, professionals, creditors, subscriptions, etc. Be sure to contact schools, doctors, dentists, and lawyers for copies of records.

2.  Schedule an appointment with your accountant for information on tax-deductible moving expenses.

3.  Pack items from the attic, basement, garage, and any other storage areas.

4.  Start using items you can’t move such as frozen foods and cleaning supplies.

5.  Begin taking inventory of your possessions and evaluate what can be sold, donated, or tossed. (If certain belongings need to be stored, make arrangements now through your Personal Relocation Consultant.)

For more information on a smooth move, check out our moving tips page.