Moving day is four weeks away! Hopefully you’ve tackled all the items on your five-week checklist and are ready for more. Here are 4 things you don’t want to forget to do this week:

1.  Purchase packing materials. If you’ll be packing your items instead of hiring professionals, stop by Schick Moving & Storage to purchase boxes, tape, and other pack tools.

2.  Schedule moving solutions for children, pets, and plants in your care. Hire a babysitter for moving day. Arrange special transportation for pets and plants.

3.  Pack in-home items you won’t need for a while. Last week you packed up your garage, attic, and basement; now it’s time to start packing any items in your home that you won’t miss in the next month (i.e. off-season clothes, excess office supplies, and storage compartments under the bed).

4.  Notify USPS and insurance of your move. Fill out the change-of-address form through the post office. Contact insurance companies (auto, homeowners or renters, medical and life) to arrange for coverage changes in your new location.

Planning and an early start are the keys to a smooth move, so keep calm and plug away at your to-do list! Happy Moving!