You’re lucky number 3 weeks away from moving day. And fortunately for you, there are just 3 main tasks to accomplish this week. Whether you’re moving from Coto de Caza to New York City or you're planning a quick move from Irvine to Tustin, keep up the good work and enjoy a smooth move!

1. Confirm travel arrangements and hotel reservations. Hint: Don’t make plane reservations for the same day as your move. House closings are sometimes delayed and other unexpected situations may arise.

2. Arrange to transfer auto registration and bank accounts to your new location if necessary. Call the newspaper with a cancel-by date and sign up for the paper with your new address.

3. Collect and scan important documents (insurance, maintenance records, will, deeds, stock, etc.) into a computer. This will provide you with a safe backup and ensure adequate copies in the future.