If you’re newly married and planning a move, there’s probably no shortage of tasks on your daily to-do list. Don’t let the joy of your new life together get swallowed up by an upcoming move. Follow these tips for a blissful transition:

1.  START WORKING ON YOUR MOVE as soon as possible. Time-crunches cause stress, and that’s the last thing you want overshadowing the excitement of your new marriage. Tackling moving plans weeks in advance will leave you time to unwind with your new husband or wife at the end of each day.

2.  HIRE PROFESSIONAL MOVERS. Even if you haven’t used up all your favors from friends and family in preparation for your wedding, you’ll want to take special care of your expensive wedding gifts. A quality moving company will treat your tangibles properly and safely bring them to your new home.

3.  PURGE UNNECESSARY POSSESSIONS. You won’t be able to decorate with everything you both own, so only keep the items that will work well together. Ultimately, a good cleaning will result in less moving costs. You’ll also have fewer boxes to unpack, and that translates to more meaningful time with your honey.

4.  PACK AN “OPEN FIRST” BOX (or boxes) so you can enjoy your fresh start as soon as possible. Once you’ve unpacked the essentials, you can take your time with the rest.

5.  SET ASIDE TIME TO RELAX and appreciate each other throughout the process. Embrace your move as a part of your married adventure and enjoy each other’s company as newlyweds.