You’ve just moved into a new house and you’re making every effort to get settled in. But even with the last box unpacked, a new space can seem to lack that homey feeling. Waste no time! With these tips, you can jump right in and make your new house a cozy place you’re happy to call “home.”

1.  DO A LOAD OF LAUNDRY - Break in your washer and dryer by washing some towels or bedspreads. It may not be the first thing you want to do, but the familiar fragrance of your laundry detergent will replace any new house smell. Not to mention, there’s nothing quite like doing a routine load of laundry to make a place feel lived in.

2.  BREAK IN THE KITCHEN - Cook a favorite dish or bake a batch of cookies. Not only will you start to get comfortable in your kitchen, but the aroma of homemade goodies will also make everyone feel at home.

3.  PLAY SOME FAVORITE TUNES - Music can bring back lots of meaningful memories, so play some of your favorite jams in your new house. Slow dance to your wedding song or play a silly tune and sing along with your children. Infuse music and memories from an old place into your new home.

4.  START DESIGNING THE INTERIOR - As you look at each room, dream up how you want to decorate each space. Hang your wedding photos or your child’s finger-painting in a prominent place. The decorating process will help you feel more in touch with the house, and by the time you’ve finished each project, your space will look and feel like home.

5.  HOST A HOUSE-WARMING PARTY - Invite friends, family, and neighbors over to make memories in your new house. Show off your vaulted ceilings and spy on your nieces and nephews while they play pretend in the backyard. Home is where the heart is, so enjoy your new house with the people you love most.

Moving can be a rewarding process filled with many fresh starts. Whether you move across the street or embark on an international move, it’s important to include meaningful memories from the past to make a new house feel like home.