Let’s be honest for a moment—your friends don’t actually want to spend their Saturday moving your stuff from one house to the next. From the moment they agreed to help, your buddies have been looking for any excuse to get out of it. Aside from the fact that they’re secretly hoping you’ll find someone else, here’s a list of reasons you don’t want to enlist your friends as movers: 

1. THINGS COME UP – We live in the era of flaky (although often well meaning) people. A professional moving company won’t call the morning of your move with some inexplicable 24-hour virus.

2. BRAWN AND FRAGILE ITEMS DON'T ALWAYS MIX – Do you really trust a friend to pack and load your great grandfather’s hand-crafted dining room table? Just because your buddy frequents the gym doesn't mean he'll know how to properly care for your valuables.

3. THAT PICK-UP TRUCK ISN'T AS BIG AS YOU THINK IT IS – Good luck “securing” your life’s worth of possessions with a handful of bungee chords. There’s a similar story behind every mattress found on the side of the freeway.

4.  YOUR "FREE LABOR" MAY COST MORE THAN YOU REALIZE – Don’t be surprised when your pal calls you up at 2 AM expecting you to bail him out of jail. After all, you owe him.

Your friends have no idea what they signed up for, and perhaps you don’t either. When it comes to moving your household valuables, it’s important to hire professionals. A quality moving company will have the expertise to make the entire moving process a positive experience. And you’ll get to keep your friends!