Moving With Kids

Moving with little ones can be both joyful and challenging. While children will likely embrace any adventure you involve them in, change can be difficult for kids. Follow these tips to stay sensitive to their needs and keep everyone smiling throughout the move:

1.  Tell your children about the move as soon as possible so they don’t accidently overhear the big news. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the move, convey a positive perspective on the idea of moving into a new home.

2.  Share any details about the move that you think they’ll understand. Ask how they feel about moving and address their concerns.

3.  Involve your children as much as possible in all aspects of the moving process. Invite them to look at new houses and have them help with age-appropriate moving tasks.

4.  Have your children pack a special box with their most treasured possessions. Encourage them to decorate it so they can easily spot their box in your new home.

5.  Ask for your children’s input on decorating their new rooms. Let them pick out wall colors or arrange their furniture in the new space.

6.  Make sure your kids say goodbye to their friends. Consider taking them to visit their favorite people or throwing a casual going away party. Keep in contact with children’s friends after the move.

7.  Plan on continuing the current activities your children enjoy in your new community. Adjusting to a new location will be easier for your kids when they can keep doing the things they love (i.e. Scouts, soccer, dance, etc.).

8.  Consider hiring a babysitter for moving day. Since most of their toys will be packed on the day of the move, a babysitter can take your kids somewhere fun and safe while the home crew loads the moving van.

Moving with kids can be a rewarding experience for everyone if you consider their feelings throughout the process. Making the extra effort to keep them involved in the move will set you up to enjoy the adventure with your littlest loves!