Let’s be honest, moving is expensive—especially if you want the job done right. All the packing, loading, driving, and delivery costs can quickly add up. You may be tempted to cut costs wherever possible, but there are a few things worth the extra cost. If you want to prevent potentially enormous expenses in the future, leave room in your budget for these three moving costs:

 1.Good insurance—A quality moving company will offer insurance ranging from basic per-pound insurance to full replacement insurance. Our suggestion—opt for the all-inclusive choice. While it may seem like a good place to cut costs on your moving bill, you’ll be disappointed when basic insurance only pays for part of an otherwise simple fix. Choose the insurance policy that gives you peace of mind. You'll be at ease knowing that, should any accidents occur, your damaged items will be completely repaired or replaced.

2. Professional packing of specialty items—If you’re moving fairly simple items, paying for a professional packer may not seem worth the expense. But what about original paintings, a marble fountain, or fine china? These are items you certainly should not trust yourself to prepare for a relocation. Professional packers can properly wrap your valuables to keep them safe during the moving process. They can even customize crating for larger items. Don’t skimp on packing your valuable items or you’ll definitely pay for it later.

3.Moving bulky items—If you think moving bulky items yourself will save you money on your next move, think again. Professional movers are significantly less likely to damage your walls, flooring, or furniture in the process of moving large items, and in the rare event that they do impair anything, the movers are financially responsible. Unless you plan to repair wall, floor, and other damages, hiring professionals to properly handle your bulky items is the way to go.

Bonus: Disconnecting appliances—This is something a good moving company won’t do for you, because it falls outside of insurance coverage. As a result, many people disconnect washers and dryers themselves. Not the best idea. Even if you know what you're doing, you’re responsible if the house floods days after you've moved out. For this reason, we recommend you contact a serviceman to disconnect your appliances. While this minor cost may not seem worth it when you’re planning your move, it could save you thousands of dollars and prevent one giant headache.

However difficult it may seem to shell out extra money up front, including these moving costs will be worth the major expenses they prevent in the long run. Don’t take a gamble when moving your belongings. A small investment up front will result in a smooth move from start to finish.