It’s time to get back in the swing of running kids to school, homework, and after-school activities. If in the midst of all that, you’re also planning a move, your hands are probably feeling pretty full. Not to worry, we’ve got some tips to make it a stress-free move.

1.  MAINTAIN PERSPECTIVE—Take a moment to breathe and remember what a gift your kids are. Moving is temporary, but children are a daily gift that don’t deserve to be overlooked in this season of business. Look for ways to be thankful in the everyday and you and your children will both benefit throughout this move.

2.  KEEP SCHOOL SUPPLIES IN ONE ROOM—Anything relating to homework, school projects, etc. should be kept in one room. Keep about a week’s worth of pencils, papers, scissors, and other school supplies available and pack the rest.

3.  PACK WISELY—Make sure all school supplies are labeled well so you can quickly unpack them all when your items deliver. Be sure to keep the final box of school supplies with you so you have them available immediately. Consider asking your child’s school if you can drop off your child’s supplies for the week of the move, that way you’ll know they’re in a safe place as easily accessible for school projects.

4.  SCHEDULE TIME FOR BOTH HOMEWORK AND MOVING PREPARATION—Time management is key to relieving stress in life. In your packed schedule, it’s more important than ever to block out time each day for schoolwork, after-school activities, and the big move. Let your children in on your schedule by hanging it somewhere visible so they know when homework hours are.

5.  LET YOUR KIDS PARTICIPATE—We mentioned this in more detail in a previous blog, but letting your kids help with age-appropriate activities will help both parents and children with the transition.

Moving during amidst the flurry of back-to-school festivities is still manageable. Follow these tips for a stress-free move this fall.