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Whether it’s the end of the summer or the end of the long winter break, moving back to school (or moving back home from school) can be a complicated or even a stressful project. As excited as you may be for moving to and from school, it’s easy for any student to get distracted with so much going on—from finals, to ending part-time jobs, saying goodbye to friends, and more—and it can be difficult to get things ready and organized for the move back to the dorms or other campus housing.

For students in Orange County, working closely with Orange County college movers like the team at Schick Moving and Storage make the process a breeze. If you’re hiring professional movers to help you make your move to USC, UC Irvine, Cal State Fullerton, or another college campus, take a look at this guide from our expert University moving company and learn how we can help you prepare for an extremely easy moving process.

Getting Prepared

Before you schedule your moving day, consider the following tips to ensure working with your back-to-school movers is a snap.

  • Know Where You’re Going: If you live reasonably close to home, then you’re likely to move everything back with you. However, if you’re headed somewhere far from campus, then it’s best to look into a university moving company that offers superior storage options, so your belongings remain safe and ready for your return. Once you identify where everything is going, packing becomes much easier.
  • Pack Your Clothes Early: Clothing can take up the most time to pack. In the last few weeks before you leave, plan a rotation of outfits to wear until moving day and then pack up the rest, including out-of-season clothing and sports equipment.
  • Consider Making Donations: Did you hit a growth spurt in the last few months? Do you have items that you don’t use anymore? Instead of hauling them along with you, donate them to Goodwill or another charity organization, or take advantage of the school’s donation drop if they have one. The less you need to pack, the less you need to move. 
  • Use Leftover Meal Plan Credits: Your meal points are there for a reason. Save money by taking advantage of those important points, if you find yourself with extra meals available from your campus’s student dining center at the end of the quarter or semester. On the other hand, if you’re leaving home for the first time, then embrace your parent’s home cooking while you can—you’ll probably miss it more than you think.
  • Sell Your Books: For those going back home, it’s likely you racked up a collection of textbooks. Unless you really love the subject matter, don’t pack them up. Instead, sell them back to the bookstore or list them online to sell to another student if they’re taking the class next semester. You’ll get some money back and you don’t have to strain your muscles or pay more for transport. Just remember to carefully evaluate your selections in case there are any books that might come in handy for tests or papers in the future.
  • Check for Damage and Clean: If you’re leaving your dorm room or college apartment for good, know that you’re responsible for cleaning and taking care of any damage to your living space. Any marks or holes made you can patch up easily. If you can’t stand the idea of deep cleaning or don’t have the time, some movers offer cleaning options and debris removal as part of their services, so feel free to look into those options.

Move to School with Schick Moving and Storage

At Schick Moving and Storage, our team is ready to assist with any residential move, which includes back to school moving. Our close proximity to schools like the University of California at Irvine, along with superior moving services designed for students moving away to college or back home from school make us your Orange County college movers of choice.

All of our customers receive dedicated attention from a personal moving coordinator that will work closely with you to plan your project according to your needs. If you’re ready to get started learning more about our back-to-school movers and other relocation services or to receive a free, in-home pricing estimate for your move with us, give us a call or fill out our online form now.