Protecting Your Home When Moving

Whether you're moving all by yourself or planning on hiring professional residential movers to do it for you, every mover warns: before you pack up, protect your property. When you're moving, there are still precautions that can be taken to keep your house or apartment safe.

Protecting Stairwells and Doorways

Moving blankets are also useful for protecting stairs, doors, and other surfaces in your residence during the move. They're made of a thick canvas material that also cushions furniture from damage.

Keeping Your Windows and Wall Décor Protected

Moving can be stressful, and it's easy to forget that even seemingly minor details like window coverings or picture frames left hanging on your walls could easily be damaged while your movers are moving your bulky appliances.

Protect Your Yard & Garden

If you have any landscaping items in your yard, you might want to remove them from the area around where the movers will be working. You may also want to consider eliminating any hazards or hazards that can be moved, and be sure you let your movers know about any dangers that can't be moved.

Finally, if your yard is wet or soggy, you might want to consider covering the grass with plywood, cardboard, or even plastic.

Prevent Tripping or Slipping

There are many ways to prevent accidents while moving. One way is to ensure that all liquids or powders are properly sealed and stored in your boxes. Another way is to make sure there are no loose rugs or trip hazards for your movers to avoid.

Protect Floors from Damage

You'll need to ensure your floors are well-protected from debris and dirt. Use plastic wrap or particleboard to protect your floors from any liquids or dirt. Next, take some time in your garage to check that all lawn or vehicle chemicals or oils are properly disposed of or stored.

Get Expert Help on Moving Day

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